A Poolside Walk

The best part about attending a destination wedding is that you get to save a lot of time in commute. Most of the functions usually happen in the same resort and all you need to do is dress up and head to the location (which is usually a […]


Wardrobe Experiments

If you have been following me on Instagram, you would know that I was attending a destination wedding in Goa last week. Typically, I do not experiment a lot with my traditional look, especially during an actual wedding. Posing infront of the camera is one thing but actually […]


The White Shirt Project: Look 1

I am a lover of minimalism and the colour white. Infact the fascination for white runs in my genes. My maternal grand-mom (or as we fondly call her “Nani”) has a wadrobe section dedicate to just crisp white cotton sarees. When I would visit her house and raid […]


What2Wear: Clubbing

There are days when I feel very Carrie Bradshaw-ish. I want to dress up and go out and party the night out with friends. And when I say dress up – I mean business. High heels, loose hair and a lot of drinks. Ofcourse on such days, you […]


5 Must-Have Photo Apps

Now I am no photographer, but I would love to have these pro-pics taken. Unfortunately, just having a good camera was not a measure of being a good photographer. And even if you did click great pics – editing them to bring out the right colour balance was another […]


The Sunday Story

A day of no work. A day for complete relaxation and rejuvenation. Sunday is a day for me. I have a decently hectic work schedule, and Monday to Friday just breezes past by. Weekends are usually when I end up completing my personal work, meeting friends, shopping and relaxing […]


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