My Shudh Desi Romance Part 3

This is  a post-wedding post and the last in the series. I have already told you how I got engaged to AB and then what was the wedding like in Part 1 and Part 2 respectively. But this post is very special to me. Special because – weddings get over after the celebrations are done but marriage continues. And with itself, it brings a new challenge. My challenge was the inter-state wedding. And the customs. Continue reading

My Shudh Desi Romance Part 1


I have been married for around (almost 3 years) now. Married to dear sweetheart AB. A lot of people ask me how did I meet him. How did we decide that we would want to get married? And how did we convince our parents for the marriage etc? While I have a fun illustration on my Love Story page, here is the full scoop. So here is Part 1 of how I met and got engaged to AB. Continue reading


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