• DIY: White-Gold Nailart

    I have been toying with the idea of doing a nailart post for sometime now. Actually ever since I have bought myself these Maybelline Color Show nail paints. The variety of colors they offer is amazing, I have seen a lot of white gold nail arts on pinterest and blogging world and decided I wanted… Continue Reading

  • The Birthday Giveaway – Winners

    I know! I know! I am a day late. Yes I had to announce the winners on 15th August as per my promise – but guys it was really hard picking up a winner. I tried everything – a rating system, a point system between AB and me and all other possible logical way of… Continue Reading

  • 5 things to do for the long weekend

    The joys of those 10 mandatory holidays that a corporate has to give is unmatchable. Every January when the new holiday calendar rolls out the first thing I do is look into the calendar to see if any of those 10 mandatory holidays fall on a Friday or a Monday. And if it does I… Continue Reading

  • Spotlight: Knots & Hearts

    The wedding season is just around the corner. I remember last year this time around my entire family was busy working on trying to manage my sister’s wedding which was being planned long distance between three states – Karnataka, Kerala and Delhi. I sometimes wish I had more professional help which would have eased things for… Continue Reading

  • What2Wear: Date Night/Brunch

    Heading out on a date over the weekend? Heading to a lounge or a restaurant for a party? Or maybe just to a friends place for a house party? I am sure you want to look different and stand out – don’t all of us? And you take out your pair of fitting denims and… Continue Reading

  • What2Wear: Informal Dress Code Workplace

    So ladies, do you too work in a not so formal environment? You know when you have a strictly formal dress code – its easy to pick your clothes. A formal trouser and a crisp cotton shirt and you are sorted. But when you work in a non formal work environment its a different ball… Continue Reading

  • It’s the time to Ombre

    The term “ombre” basically means colours that shade into each other. And this term is quite a fad lately. I remember reading about Ombre Jeans only a few months ago and that was what started this rage. This has now spread to almost everything – shirts, skirts, even hair. Yes Ombre hair colour is the… Continue Reading

  • 5 Styles for Black Pants

    Woot! Woot! I am loving this Fun Five series! If you like it to tell me about it. This time I am doing a Lookbook + Fun Five! No I am not lazy – Infact I am being innovative. I have this pair of absolutely brilliantly fitting black trousers.Styling this can be such a fun… Continue Reading

  • {Time}less and Forever

    Oh the mushy feeling to be in love. To walk in the rain under 1 umbrella. To look into each others eyes as you drink coffee. To wake up seeing the smiling face of your companion for life and beyond. I have been married for over 3 years now, and each day with AB teaches… Continue Reading

  • 5 Hairstyles for Broad Forehead

    I have a broad forehead. Some say its a sign of intelligence. The broader the forehead – the more brain matter you have. But for the longest time I have been been trying to hide it behind my bangs. I have literally been embarrassed to death by the broadness. But  there is really nothing to hide.… Continue Reading

  • Yellow There!

    Dear Bangalore Weather, You are so unpredictable. I look into the sky at you every morning before I leave for work and you are bright and sunny. The sky too is clear blue. And then when I leave office in the evening, dark clouds have taken over. And as I am walking towards home, it suddenly… Continue Reading