Meet the MOB

During a wedding so much love is exchanged. And while everyone focuses on the bride and groom there are those gorgeous women who have actually arranged everything. Ladies who are joyous for the celebration but sad that their child is now all grown up and is moving away. Ladies who shed a few tears in the privacy of their room before they come out all smiling to the outside world, those people we call the Mother of the Bride (or MOB) Continue reading

My Shudh Desi Romance Part 3

This is  a post-wedding post and the last in the series. I have already told you how I got engaged to AB and then what was the wedding like in Part 1 and Part 2 respectively. But this post is very special to me. Special because – weddings get over after the celebrations are done but marriage continues. And with itself, it brings a new challenge. My challenge was the inter-state wedding. And the customs. Continue reading

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