5 Must-Have Photo Apps

Now I am no photographer,Β but I would love to have these pro-pics taken. Unfortunately, just having a good camera was not a measure of being a good photographer. And even if you did click great pics – editing them to bring out the right colour balance was another […]


The Sunday Story

A day of no work. A day for complete relaxation and rejuvenation. Sunday is aΒ day for me. I have a decently hectic work schedule, and Monday to Friday just breezes past by. Weekends are usually when I end up completing my personal work, meeting friends, shopping and relaxing […]


Bang Bang {with Baggit}

Baggit has become the official handbag partner for one of the most awaited movie of the year – Bang Bang. Bang Bang, starring Katrina and Hrithik, would be releasing on October 2nd (7 days before my birthday :) ) this year and it is definitely on everyone’s must-watch […]


5 Fav Online Shopping Sites

Retail therapy is the best therapy for a tired soul. And whats better than online shopping – you are comfortably perched on your chair and browsing through various sites, comparing prices, looking at various options and finally clicking to add your favourite product to your cart. Click Click […]


What’s in my bag!

My bag is usually a clutter fest. I am your typical “girl” who can take forever to find something in it. And god bless those who try to find something in there. Remember Phoebe from Friends who tookΒ out a gold fish in a water pouch from her bag […]


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